- No Matter What?

Any decent logistics company can deliver from A to B. The difference between good and great logistics providers is the ability to go the extra mile when it counts – every time it counts.

Why Choose Us As Your Logistics Partner!

  • We will improve your BBBEE score – because we are a 100% black-owned, 40% black-female-owned, Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) who delivers 100% to your procurement level contribution
  • We have specialist divisions which understand the different needs of each industry we serve
  • We are competitively priced, experienced and strive to maintain and improve our 98% success rate of on-time and in-full delivery
  • We have warehousing and distribution centre capabilities as well as a national footprint

Specialist Industries

Our experience serving the print industry has taught us how to deliver fast and flexibly, no matter what. Our reliability, flexibility and speed when moving bulk and breakbulk printed material nationally is unrivalled – as is our ability to adapt which makes us highly responsive to the often-changing distribution needs of the industry.
Health Care
We provide breakbulk warehousing and distribution for healthcare and pharmaceutical products while complying with strict industry standards. These products are stored and transported safely and separately from other product categories, with a high degree of control and security. Real time tracking of vehicles and shipments is standard.
The specialised needs of government departments for urgent service delivery are perfectly matched to our skills. And we create the jobs and the transformation the country needs – while delivering these vital services. This aligns with government’s strategy to create jobs and transformation through businesses like ours.



Our various solutions are built on over 60 years of experience and hard-won expertise, and use different combinations of the following capabilities to suit your specific needs:

Normal Cargo; Same Day Express; Overnight Express; special trips and dedicated delivery service.
Road Freight
Domestic Budget Cargo; Normal Cargo.
Air Freight
Distribution centre services including Warehousing, picking &packaging, Inventory Control and Optimisation, security and reverse logistics.


Our Key Differentiators

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Customer Centricity
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • BEE Contribution - Our ability to maximise your BBBEE procurement contribution
  • Agility


Case Studies


“You do not have to be the biggest to offer the best satisfying service to your clients” – Director, Khusela Distributors

“We appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, as well the “extra mile” that Bevco Logistics are prepared to go when the time arises.” – Operations Manager, Medproc Marketing

“When we need a last-minute delivery made, we know we can call on Bevco to get it done.” – Production Manager, Caxton