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Government logistics

Helping Government Deliver while Transforming the Logistics Industry

Our highly competitive pricing, our record for on-time in-full delivery and our 100% black-owned, 40% black-female-owned status makes us a prime contender for government distribution jobs. These qualities combined with an excellent track record and a passion for service delivery that exceeds expectations, means that government officials take no risk when choosing us to help them deliver their mandates.

Why Choose Bevco


What Makes Us a Great Choice for Government Departments

  • Our pricing is competitive
  • We have a specialist department dedicated to government logistics that can handle logistics for national and provincial departments, as well as large municipalities
  • We are 100% black-owned and 40% black-female-owned
  • We’re an established Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE), with subcontracted drivers who are EMEs to maximise control on the one hand and to maximise the transformation effect of government procurement budgets on the other
  • Our services include bulk transportation, airfreight, last mile delivery, warehousing and inventory control as and when needed
  • A combined 60 years’ experience of reliability and flexibility
  • We have a national footprint
  • We are a registered supplier on the procurement database
Government logistics


“You do not have to be the biggest to offer the best satisfying service to your clients” – Director, Khusela Distributors

“We appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, as well the “extra mile” that Bevco Logistics are prepared to go when the time arises.” – Operations Manager, Medproc Marketing

“When we need a last-minute delivery made, we know we can call on Bevco to get it done.” – Production Manager, Caxton