BEVCO Logistics


Same Day Service

Same Day Service: A premium service we offer

We collect and deliver the same day depending on the destination. All local deliveries within a metropolitan area can be collected and delivered within 3 -4 hours from the time of collection. This service is available to all types of shipments: bulk, single, full load, and more.

This service attracts a surcharge fee.

Overnight Express

Overnight Express: A door to door service

Focused mainly on small- to medium-sized parcels. All shipments on this service are delivered by 13h00 the following day or before the end of the business day.

Domestic Budget Cargo

Domestic Budget Cargo: A door to door service

Focussed on bigger consignments. This service is offered within 24-48 hours, from the time of collection to delivery.

Normal Cargo Air

Normal Cargo: A door to door service

Focused on bulk shipments. This service can be offered within 24-72 hours, from the time of collection to delivery.

Airfreight Services

Airfreight Services: A door to door service

Focused on all sizes of shipments but can only be sent via airlines or freighters across the country and SADAC countries, within 48 – to over 72 hours from the time of lodging.

Normal Cargo Road

Normal Cargo Road: A door to service

Focused on all types of shipments that require an express road service. Delivery is within 24-72 hours depending on the delivery destination.

Special Trips / Dedicated Services

Special Trips / Dedicated Services: A customised service

Focused on the customer’s specific need and requirements. This individualised service means there is no consolidation of goods as a dedicated service.



“You do not have to be the biggest to offer the best satisfying service to your clients” – Director, Khusela Distributors

“We appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, as well the “extra mile” that Bevco Logistics are prepared to go when the time arises.” – Operations Manager, Medproc Marketing

“When we need a last-minute delivery made, we know we can call on Bevco to get it done.” – Production Manager, Caxton