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Print delivery

From Printing Press To ClientSeamlessly, Flexibly, Fast

For printers and their customers, a seamless, fast and flexible delivery system can be the difference between the joy of success and the pain of failure.

The stakes are high and the pressure is always on. And our logistics team earned its stripes in this industry – all the while thriving under the pressure that is their normal. This experience, combined with our drive to exceed client expectations, has made us the distributor of choice for many printing houses, publishers, and advertising businesses who know we deliver on time – no matter what.  

Why Choose Bevco


Why Printers Trust Us With Their Distribution Needs

  • We have an established reputation for being the most experienced and reliable rapid distributor of bulk print and breakbulk material in the country
  • We have a 98% proven record of on-time and in-full delivery
  • Our flexibility allows fast adaptation to ever-changing distribution requirements
  • We maximise BBBEE procurement points with our 100% black- and 40% black-female-owned status and our combined QSE, EME delivery system
  • We are competitively priced
  • We have a national footprint
  • We have a distribution centre and warehousing capability
  • We provide direct and urgent real-time delivery status (Premium)
  • We have a specialist print department that understands the nuances of the industry
  • Our track and trace ability

Why Print Customers Sometimes Choose to Contract Us Directly

  • By unbundling the delivery of the print from the print supplier, print customers can benefit from our 100% black-ownership and 40% black-female ownership and our unique ability to provide both Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) and Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME) points
  • Printers do not specialise in the delivery of print material. When the distribution of print becomes more complex; when deadlines are particularly tight; or when flexibility is key, it pays to work directly with print logistics specialists like ourselves
Print delivery


“You do not have to be the biggest to offer the best satisfying service to your clients” – Director, Khusela Distributors

“We appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, as well the “extra mile” that Bevco Logistics are prepared to go when the time arises.” – Operations Manager, Medproc Marketing

“When we need a last-minute delivery made, we know we can call on Bevco to get it done.” – Production Manager, Caxton